Customer service

  • Call the number below to be connected to: T-MOBILE

    0901 435 9979

    Our directory enquiry service costs £1.53 per minute with a £1.53 connection charge plus network extra’s.

    The information provided is also available free of charge from other sources on the internet such as this T-MOBILE

It's not always easy or convenient to find a customer service or contact phone number that some companies can make difficult to find. When you are busy the last thing you need is to spend unnecessary time searching large websites looking for the number you require. This is where we can help. We spend the time researching and finding these numbers so that you don't have to and provide them in a clear and direct format to save you time and confusion. For this service we charge for providing the number in question or in addition to this also give you the option to connect directly to the company.

We provide a fast and convenient method for finding and connecting to commonly searched for Customer Service, Customer Helpline and Official contact numbers. If you choose to use our connection service and are put in a queuing system, please hang up and try again later using the number that we provided you with.

We charge for our service to cover the cost for researching and managing our number database, the telecoms backend and also our advertising. There is no attempt to mislead our customers and our pricing information is clearly displayed directly beneath the premium rate number that you are given to call. We are not the only company charging for this service but offer a clear professional one in return which others are not able to achieve.

We believe that our service is useful, convenient and transparent. If you are in any way unsatisfied with the service that we provide, please contact us and we will deal with your query with 2 business days.

Our team of researchers have compiled the best customer service and helpline numbers for all those UK companies that you can never seem to find, no matter how hard you search.

We constantly monitor our systems to ensure we provide our users with accurate and up to date phone numbers for the right department, at the right company you are trying to contact.

Our comprehensive directory is being constantly updated to make sure we have the latest numbers for the range of UK companies which we offer.

Users of our service must be at least 18 years old and have the permission of the bill payer.


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